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Take care of your candles like a pro using the tips below...

+ Always ensure your candle wick is no longer than 1/4 inch long - trim if it grows longer

+ Allow your HOME FOR SEPTEMBER candle to burn for a minimum of 3-4 hours the very first time you light it to ensure it burns from one end of the jar to the other

+ Burn candle within sight at all times and no longer than 5 hours consecutively 

+ Simply clean the jar with dish soap and water after your candle has burned down to repurpose the jar

+ NEVER add any additives, air fresheners or perfumes to your candle

+ Keep wax pool free of debris including any fallen black wick particles 

+ Always keep candles out of reach of children or pets

+ Hot wax should not be used on the skin

+ Never burn a candle near anything that is heat-sensitive or flammable

+ Gently trim candle wick with scissors if you notice your wick begins to mushroom

(mushrooming is when a little ball forms at the top of your wick)

+ If you are experiencing excess heat or soot, discontinue use and send us an email at

Please Note: Small 8 oz. single-wick candles are best used in small spaces such as bathrooms or bedrooms for maximum fragrance performance. Larger double wick or 3-wick candles are best for bigger spaces and will be available for purchase on our site in the near future.

Happy Shopping!

Spa and Wellness
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